American Coffee

President Trump is doing everything in his power to bring the consumer back to purchasing American made products, but every morning when you wake up you go to the cupboard and grab your Colombian coffee. Why? You drive a Ford or a Chevy because they are made in America. When you shop at the store [...]

Grown in the USA

Hawaii is not just a great place to grow coffee plants. It is the only place in all of the United States that commercially grows coffee. To support American business we are encouraging our clients to quit purchasing coffee in other regions of the world. Starbucks can keep serving their Colombian coffee but it is [...]

Hawaii grows Coffee

Did you know that Hawaii is the only state in the United States that grows Coffee? The warm year around climate is ideal for growing coffee. The rich mineral filled lava fields give a perfect base for these plants and the humid moisture in Kailua Kona is a perfect climate for the best coffee in [...]

Order Kailua Kona Coffee Online

You've already experienced the smooth quality of Kona Coffee. Every Time you drink it it brings you back to a relaxing time spent on the Hawaiian Islands. Click the linked picture below to order your Kona coffee and bring those memories back to home! It is as simple tapping your favorite Kona Coffee below and [...]

Kona Coffee History

  There are over 800 coffee farms in the North and South Kona Districts. The coffee plant was not originally planted in the Kona area when it first came to Hawaii. The first plants planted on the Hawaiian islands was on January 21, 1813 by Don Francisco de Paula Marin. According to his journal he planted the [...]

Rent this whole website

Imagine... You're speaking with a distributor and they ask you, "What is your web address?", and you proudly are able to say "KailuaKona.Coffee!" Their immediate response will be; "How in the world did you get that web address???" How in the world is right! Kailua Kona Coffee gets about 25,000 searches... every month! This is your [...]